Gerard Hopkins Poetry Analysis

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A) Introduction B) Background of the Study Gerard Hopkins was born July 28, 1844, to Manley and Catherine (Smith) Hopkins, the first of their nine children. His parents were High Church Anglicans (variously described as "earnest" and "moderate"), and his father, a marine insurance adjuster, had just published a volume of poetry the year before. He became a Roman catholic and was ordained as a priest in 1877. Living with a religious family and most especially when he converted to being a Roman catholic and suddenly became a Jesuit priest had influenced his poetry. As basis of our study, the following selections show his religious inclination and beliefs through the use of various biblical allusions in relaying his message. His works reflect how he sees life on earth and reveal what seemed to be ethical for him. Also, the author 's expressions of his appreciation of nature 's beauty and his association of God with the creation of nature are also indicative of his religious perspective. His poems showed that appreciating the beauty of nature could bring us closer to God. He was also fascinated on how nature could restore itself. In addition, Hopkins gave emphasis on the indictment of the ways culture 's neglect of God. His poems also revealed his grievance in witnessing how humans abused the earth because of industrial progression and increase in population. Though he never hesitated about God’s involvement in nature, he got miserable by late nineteenth-century life and

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