Gerard Jones Violent Media Is Good For Kids Summary

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Gerard Jones states in his article “Violent Media Is Good For Kids” that violence in media has more of a positive effect on one, than negative. The writer's purpose for making this statement was because he believes that violent exposure can give one courage and help boost confidence. The writer supported his argument with some solid facts and great opinions. There is a problem with his thesis because violence can indeed affect children very negatively. The author had some solid facts about his son, he mentioned that when his son was in first grade he showed fear. “In first grade, his friends started climbing a tree at school. But he was afraid: of falling, of the centipedes crawling on the trunk, of sharp branches, of his friends’ decision. I took my cue from his own fantasies and read him old Tarzan comics, rich in combat and bright with flashing knives. For two weeks he lived in them.” he states that his son developed courage through a fantasy character. This character presents violence by hunting and killing wild animals such as the jaguar with homemade weapons. Another fact that supports the author's thesis, is when Gerard wrote some cartoons that contained violence. When he reached to contact the readers he discovered that his stories helped pull them out of emotional traps such as…show more content…
Since media has increased the amount of violence shown, the rate of school shootings and threats have dramatically increased. This was presented in the author's text, but then rebuttled with the quote, “Fear, greed, power-hungry, rage: these are aspects of ourselves that we try not to experience in our lives but often want, even need, to experience vicariously through stories of others”, by Melanie Moore, Ph.D. This statement is flawed, because although humans feel these aspects, being exposed to violence enhances the feelings, and also makes one feel like those aspects are
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