Gerard O 'Connell's When Francis Walks'

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100,000 Christians die every year from hate crimes about their religion, yet nobody does anything about it. They are dragged away from their homes, tortured, and finally these people are brutally murdered with no mercy. Has the Christians call out for help; the people of the world do nothing. The persecution of these people is a horrific problem facing the world today, an injustice some would say, and one that is worth the fight. A fight that would show that people have the right to their beliefs and that you can trust that people that are willing to help you will.
Christians have always been beaten and killed for their religion, but it seems that now it has become worse than ever. Gerard O’Connell, the author of “When Francis Walks”, quoted
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He depicts that his people are being tortured and they are ready to speak out against it to help their brothers and sisters. He wants us to help him execute this safety plan, the Pope is telling us this in a desperate cry for help; to help millions of deaths minimize each year, to make humanity feel safe in what many countries consider a freedom or right given to you at birth. How can those countries let these horrors continue and still say that they believe that everyone has the right to their religion? Later in the article the Pope begins to evoke the world leaders, he begins “Today, in fact, these conflicts act at times degenerate into unjustifiable violence, stirred up by exploiting ethnic and religious differences. All who are heads of state and of international organizations are called to oppose such crimes with firm sense of duty . . . Its licit to stop the unjust aggressor, I underline the verb stop. I do not say bomb, make war” (O’Connell). Francis as a Christians calls out to the people of the world for help, yet no one will answer. He shows that his people need your help and that this cause cannot be ignored for the brutal suffering it has caused. Francis tries to show us that him and his people are peaceful and that they…show more content…
This crisis is one that is affecting the whole world and we must fight for it to stop. We must make people feel safe in their homes and schools from this mass slaughtering. Eli Saslow, Sarah Kaplan, and Joseph Hoyt, the authors of the “Oregon Shooter said to have singled out Christians for killing in ‘horrific act of cowardice’”, got a quote from Anastasia Boylan’s father. Boylan first told the authors that the shooter singled out Christians; to prove this statement he began to weep to the writers what the shooter said in that classroom “He said, ‘Good, because you’re a Christian, you’re going to see God in just about one second '”(Saslow Kaplan Hoyt). Christians are hated just for a simple believe, everyone believes in something, yet we are letting this minority get murdered at the hands of an enemy. Many might not think of the shooter as an enemy, but he is; he killed people, people that are just like you and your brother or sister. This man slaughter someone’s child, best friend, sibling, classmate, etc. There is not a difference of this killing to 9/11 other than the number of deaths, yet the Americans fought for that to stop. What makes these lives less important? Their religion is different than yours? Later in the article the authors received yet another eye witness account from Autumn Vicari’s brother who recalled “At one point the shooter told
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