Germ Theory Of Magic Bullets

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Drug is a natural or synthetic chemical agent that used in medication to diagnosis, treatment or prevention of disease and can affect how the cell and tissue functioning. One of the most important theory in drugs is the germ theory of disease, developed by Robert Koch and Louis Pasteur. This theory suggests that there are many diseases are produced by the existence and actions from specific micro- organisms inside the body. To proof the theory, they led the research and development of “Magic Bullets” and recruited Paul Ehrlich along the way. Paul Ehrlich (1854- 1915) was a German scientist who worked in field of immunology, hematology and chemotherapy. In 1891, medical micro-organism had discovered by scientist, such as streptococci and staphylococci, these two organisms caused of disease and they began to examine them by microscopes. Paul Ehrlich took a part as a worker in Robert Koch’s bacteriology lab, he searched for a chemical that could stain specific microbe and produce more visible microbe under the microscope. Then, he also stated that the chemical which they searched could not only stain but also destroy the microbes but not damage the patient’s body. This chemical is what they called the “Magic Bullets”. Erhlich worked with his team by using the microbes which caused syphilis, they tested the microbes with hundreds of chemicals. In 1909, Sahachiro Hata joined the team and by using the laboratory rabbit, he found the method of creating the syphilis infection. Soon,
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