Koch's Theory Of Magic Sheet Analysis

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Drug is a natural or synthetic chemical agent that used in medication to diagnosis, treatment or prevention of disease and can affect how the cell and tissue functioning. One of the most important theory in drugs is the germ theory of disease, developed by Robert Koch and Louis Pasteur. This theory suggests that there are many diseases are produced by the existence and actions from specific micro- organisms inside the body. To proof the theory, they led the research and development of “Magic Bullets” and recruited Paul Ehrlich along the way. Paul Ehrlich (1854- 1915) was a German scientist who worked in field of immunology, hematology and chemotherapy. In 1891, medical micro-organism had discovered by scientist, such as streptococci and staphylococci, these two organisms caused of disease and they began to examine them by microscopes. Paul Ehrlich took a part as a worker in Robert Koch’s bacteriology lab, he searched for a chemical that could stain specific microbe and produce more visible microbe under the microscope. Then, he also stated that the chemical which they searched could not only stain but also destroy the microbes but not damage the patient’s body. This chemical is what they called the “Magic Bullets”.…show more content…
For instance, drugs can be injected, swallowed, absorbed by skin or inhaled. They all get into the bloodstream and regulate it to all the parts of body within the receptors. The target receptors that can be divided into two which are agonist and antagonists. Agonist drugs is the activator for the receptor or stimulator which generate the level of the response in the cell. In contrary, the antagonist drugs act as the blocker the way of the body’s natural agonist and also they avoid cell response to agonist. However, these two totally different target receptors can actually be used together. For example, in the case of Asthma. In the respiratory tract, albuterol will stick to the adrenergic receptors so the smooth muscle will relax and expand the airways, also known as bronchodilation. At the same time, the antagonist drugs, ipratropium, attaches to cholinergic receptors and obstruct the attachment of acetylcholine and limit the airways which called bronchoconstriction. Both of these drugs help to breathing easier but in the different…show more content…
Recently, researchers did an experiment which include the screening of chemical substance that will treat the disease and also the information from the genomic used to create a drugs for people who have specific genetic data. In developmental process, there were some drugs that were left before and pharmacogenomics used these drugs back. For example, Gencaro is an improvement of β-blocker drug bucindolol which prohibited by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) because of this substance can lead to heart failure. But after several tests, Gencaro shows that the drugs work effectively in heart function in two different
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