German American Bound Research Paper

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The German American Bund Could you imagine being a German American in the 1930 's having to support Hitler and sending your kids to German American schools and Hitler youth camps that practiced Nazism? Well this was exactly what occurred in the late 1930s for some German American families during this time. This was an organization of people who thought it was highly appropriate to bring Hitler’s beliefs to America for all German Americans to follow. They had lots of the same facilities they had in Germany at the time and even did the same Hitler salute to the same Nazi sign flag. The German American bund was a failure of trying to bring Nazism to America and it was led by Fritz Kuhn who also led it to its downfall. The German American Bund was a fortunate failure of an organization that had unsuccessfully tried to bring Nazism to America. The entire facility was ran by German immigrants who supported Hitler. In addition to that, the group mainly consisted of German American citizens. For the children of these German settlers, they were put in Hitler Youth camps and were educated at German American schools that practiced Nazism. The Bund’s headquarters was located in New York where it began in…show more content…
This also included Hitler. There weren’t nearly as many members as it had seemed which led to Hitler even being ashamed of it. It got so bad that the U.S. forces had actually came together to go against the Bund. Thomas Dewey, a prosecutor, and New York mayor Fiorella LaGuardia seized the Bund’s financial records and Frits Kuhn was charged with ground larency and forgery for cheating the Bund’s bank account and was sent to prison. After those two events happened the Bund later then died out. By 1941 the membership of the organization faded out and in December 1941, the U.S. government outlawed it. Due to failure in many areas the German American Bund took a great
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