German Eugenics Holocaust

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Although Germany initiated the Holocaust, other countries also believed in a “master race” and the idea of eugenics, brought about by Sir Francis Galton. German eugenicists explored other countries research on eugenics, and combined them with their own ideas, thus creating the Holocaust. Hitler believed that there was a “master race” and exchanged that idea with people in Germany through speeches and propaganda; eventually the “inferior” people were put into concentration camps. In concentration camps, such as Auschwitz, prisoners encountered medical experiments that brought both physical and mental pain, as well as death. Before German eugenicists got the idea to bring about the Holocaust, they explored other countries research. One of the…show more content…
"Instead, the ‘Blood Protection Law,’ announced in Nuremberg on September 15, 1935, criminalized marriage or sexual relations between Jews and non-Jewish Germans." (Holocaust Encyclopedia). Hitler not only wanted to get rid of the bad heredity in Germany, but he wanted to pass down good genes. His goal was to create a genetic blueprint of Germany (Nazi Eugenics), to ensure that everyone was a part of “The Nordic Race” (Holocaust Encyclopedia). Hitler believed anyone that was a descent of “The Nordic Race” was genetically superior to other race. Not only did the Nazis believe in “the master race” but they thought that if all kids were born with blond hair and blue eyes, then the future of Germany could be saved (Mengele’s Children-The Twins of Auschwitz). Hitler’s goal was to exterminate all the “unfit” people, and have one nation where people were only one race. Scientists tried dangerous experiments hoping to find a way to make people have a certain hair or eye color. “In attempts to fabricate blue eyes, drops or injections of chemicals would be put in the eyes. This often caused severe pain, infections, and temporary or permanent blindness.” (Mengele’s Children-The Twins of Auschwitz). This procedure was normally performed by Mengele on
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