German Expressionism

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An Introduction to German Expressionism German expressionism is an art movement that occurred in the early 20th century and it marks the movement to more abstract and emotive art. Before, art was based on how well one could replicate reality. Expressionism emerged at a time of extreme tension internationally. Expressionism started before the First World War and continued to develop throughout the turbulent years during and after the war. Expressionism accurately reflected the feeling of fear, angst and horror that was prominent among the public. Many people were afraid of the potential conflict that could arise in Europe and they feared what would be the result of a modern global war. The expressionist movement was directly influenced by the Norwegian painter Edvard Munch who painted the haunting painting ‘The Scream’ in 1893. The painting was influenced by post impressionism and it was hugely influential in the development of many different art forms. ‘The Scream’ portrayed a distorted figure in a moment of horror. The painting demonstrated how society was being mutilated and distorted. Munch claimed that the painting was inspired by his sudden emotional crises that he felt one day while walking across a bridge with his friends. The painting showed the underlying anxiety of the modern man. The shocking colours and the distorted features of the man’s face express an immense emotional depression. German expressionism had a huge influence of film. It gave birth to the horror
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