German German-Americans Similarities

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Similarities Native Germans
German-Americans strove to make their own schools to really maintain their language.

After a while the German language instructions began in public school too.

Thousands of German immigrant children were enrolled in a special program run only by Catholic and Lutherans, in a church style school.

When WW1 came around, all the Germans were entirely discredited, and the Americans forced the German language out of the American schools, and they tried to eliminate the German cultural activities
This started in Nebraska, but 26 other states quickly followed in Nebraska’s footsteps, banning teaching ‘in’ German, and ‘of’ German.

Germans have always been determined to succeed when it comes to education
They brought this to their new home in America
Physical and vocational education are traits of Germans

German-American groups kept the tradition going of the high level of the education that the Germans are inherited with.

They try to make sure that everyone in their community gets the proper education to sustain a good life in the future.

German-Americans were all about education.

The education in both German-American and German groups are excellent.

The amazing educational influence started out in Germany, and when the Germans started immigrating to America, they brought this incredible system of teaching to America.

It really gave the Americans a good heads up with their education system, but when the Germans

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