German Reichstag Speech Analysis

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Men of the German Reichstag, the representatives of our Great Germany, and the volks that make this nation pure, I salute you. I am proud to address you today as the strongest nation in Europe, feared by our neighbors, feared by the English, and feared by the Americans. Let me begin by enforcing that we are the leaders of this continent! We are responsible of our fates, not the opposition. Nonetheless, the English leadership has commented on the situation: on our right to expand our borders, our right to live in our lands. They threaten to come to “the beaches”, to maximize their military capacity, and in fact, present a full front. They are mistaken! They—the English, the Americans, or whoever the threat—are mistaken! You, the German people, were able to suffocate their every effort. Although many lives were lost in this effort, both enemy and our own, we outgrew their military tactics…show more content…
The great logic of Darwin’s theory reflects our Aryan culture, the superior race. The Europeans are mere adaptations of our Germanic blood, grasping for opportunities to belittle us and succeed. However, let me make this clear, they will never succeed. They, in reference to the islanders, the Westerners, and the imperialists, do not have the audacity to confront us in their nature. They simply cannot. Darwin said so himself, and I, your proud leader, note the same: they shall not succeed. It is true, I admit, that the Weimar Republic consisted of inferior beings that suppressed our special qualities. I admit that their decision to suppress our need to be greater, as we are today, was foolish and cowardly. I compare them to the opposition. Not to our now pure nation. I compare them to the fallen imposters on the battle fields and on the beaches that I, you, and our children were able to defeat and thus named war
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