German Shepherds Research Paper

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There are multiple breeds of dogs. Although, the German Shepherd stands out from the rest of breeds of dogs. On the other hand, they are very intelligent dogs and they almost always mean good terms. There physical description is amazing, they can can have many jobs, why they are good pets, pros and cons of owning a German Shepard, and their history is fascinating.
“Physical Description” German Shepherds have a amazing physical description. They are usually colored with colors like brown, tan, red, black, sable, silver, and grey. German Shepherds are medium to large sized dogs. There stand at around 22 to 66 inches. Once again, in their weight they are medium sized dogs. They weigh around 49 to 88 pounds. They
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They are extremely loyal to people that they know or do not know but sometimes if somebody tried to hurt their owner they will defend their owner. That is why they make a good police dog too, so they can protect the police that they work for. German Shepherds will always be nice unless someone is trying to hurt them or their owner. German Shepherds have lots of courage. They are extremely strong dogs. That is another reason that they are good dogs to be a police dog. Also German Shepherds live nine to thirteen years old, so it will not pass away soon and disappoint the…show more content…
Their physical description is truly amazing, and they can have millions of jobs. We also learned why they are such good pets. The pros and cons of owning a German Shepherd is awesome, and their history is fascinating. If you are planning on getting a German Shepherd or have one I highly recommend you to do some more research. To get more information you can check out ,,, or,

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