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A German Shepherd is one of the most famous dog breeds in the world, because they are often employed as military or service canines. They have undoubtedly that commanding look that may seem intimidating to many people, especially those who are not fond with the breed. Let’s get to know more about this brave-looking dog breed.

Physical traits

German Shepherd Dogs (also called GSDs) belong to the herding breed group. These breeds have a sturdy and lean body, with a convex forehead, long muzzle, pointed ears, and almond-shaped set yet friendly eyes. GSDs also have muscular shoulder and a bushy tail, and mane that may be either black and tan, sable, plain black or even blue and white that are either short, medium, or long-haired, according to an article posted on

German Shepherds range around 60
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Likewise, German Shepherds should be brushed and bathed often to remove loose hair. An article posted on suggests purchasing a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner to get rid of loose hairs scattered on the floor. The rest is basic care, such as regular nail trimming and removing fleas and ticks.

German Shepherds that made it to the headlines

German Shepherds are a common sight among the military and police force due to their bravery. Movie and television shows often portray GSDs as brave, heroic, and smart canines.

In relation, there are some German Shepherds that made history due to their exemplary contribution in the world. Among them are the following:

* Rin Tin Tin. Born in September 1918, Rin Tin Tin was rescued from a World War I war zone by an American soldier named Lee Duncan, who trained the dog and became a movie star. During the dog’s entire career, he starred in 27 Hollywood films, and gained a large fan base all over the
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