How Far Was The Unified Germany In The Early 1860's

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Germany has been a nation that had been divided for many centuries, the Germanic tribes had avoided being taken over by the Roman Empire, they had been the seat of the Holy Roman Empire, then after the Holy Roman Empire fall, it became a handful of individual kingdoms and states, with Persia and Austria being the biggest contenders to make a unified Germany. Germany in the early 1860’s was divided mostly because of failed politics and religious divides. One man was the most important driving force behind these Germanic kingdoms becoming the superpower that is Germany. Otto von Bismarck, the Minister President of Prussia and a friend to Persian king, Wilhelm I. Prussia had tried for years to unify the nations, but it wasn’t until Bismarck came along that this began to become a reality.…show more content…
The Persia drew Austria into the fighting over Schleswig, in the end Persia gained control over Schleswig and Austria gained Holstein. Persia’s next move was to remove Austria from the politics around the Germanic nations, to alienate them from the people. Bismarck was a smart man and manipulated Austria into attacking Persia, which resulted in a Persian win. Twenty-Two Germanic states under the leadership of Persia came together to fight Austria. This resulted in Austria losing and being removed from all German political affairs. Bismarck’s next move was to make France, which had been a historic enemy to the Germanic people, appear as the aggressor in a third war. This third war was to get the remaining countries that had stayed out of the first two wars, that had growing nationalistic feelings, to enter this final war against their neighboring country. This final war ended when Napoleon the Third left the throne and France wanted peace with the North German

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