Germany's Defeat In Ww1

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Germany’s loss in WW1 was an outcome of several factors combined, varying from the alliances to the naval to the economical to the moral influences. However, these reasons were interconnected. The major cause of the German defeat was the launching of the U-boat campaign, which led to the entry of USA into WW1. Moreover, this increased the British morale & decreased the German morale. In addition, the war’s circumstances led to the decline of the German economy. Moreover, the German Ludendorff offensive, which is a colossal German attack on the Western Front, also had a huge role in the initiating German defeat. Furthermore, these reasons coalesced to induce the German defeat in WW1. The figure above (Figure 1: Germany Troops, 1918) shows…show more content…
Helen Tiffney once said, “It was the entry of the USA into the war which brought about the surrender of Germany in 1918.” The US abounded its allies (Britain, France, Russia & Italy) with artillery, food, money, machinery, & troops. Moreover, the US provided the allies with around 10.5 billion dollars. As well, it provided them with weaponry of different types, from handguns to bayonets to rifles to grenades. (Ex. Lewis M1917, F1 Grenade, Colt M1873, & M1905 bayonet) In addition, the US dispensed its allies with huge amounts of troops, food & raw materials. Moreover, Germany’s allies, Bulgaria, Turkey & Austria, were all defeated, leaving Germany with no backing. Furthermore, the defeat of the allies & the American provision helped in raising the morale of the allies, therefore weakening the morale of the Germans, which affected their performance all…show more content…
Moreover, the German revolution caused endless chaos and tension in Germany, stealing away the soldiers’ focus on victory in WW1, therefore negatively affecting their performance & sparking their defeat in WW1. The figure above (Figure 2: German Revolution), shows one of the demonstrations in the German revolution. However, the German revolution stemmed many changes into the German authority, as the Kaiser was coerced to resign & Germany was announced a republic. (Figure 2: German Revolution)

In conclusion, many different factors combined led to the German defeat in WW1, including the US entry into WW1, the naval factors, the authoritative factors, the blockades and the failure of the U-boat campaign as well as the Ludendorff offensive. Moreover, these factors are highly related, as the entry of the US was the main factor that gave rise to their defeat, and most of the other causes were an upshot of the US entry into
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