King Wilhelm I Ruled Germany In 1874

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1. Who ruled Germany in 1874?
King Wilhelm I ruled Germany in 1874.

2. Was Germany a democracy?
No. Germany was not a democracy in 1874. Germany is a monarchy country in 1874. In 1871, central government was appear and Germany become a unified country. 3. What special role did Prussia play?
Prussian’s special role is dominated the 25’s sovereign states.

4. What kinds of transport existed in the German Empire?
The transport that existed in the German Empire are cars, busses, Steamboats “Princess Charlotte”, train, trams, steam powered ships. Besides, the first four wheel automobile also existed in Germany.

5. What kinds of communications technology existed in 1874?
The kind of communication technology existed in 1874 is postal and telephone systems.

6. Please describe the atmosphere in class and the interaction between teachers and pupils before and after Koch joined the school.

Before Koch joined the school, pupils have to do gymnastics every day while for the junior high level pupils, they have to do gymnastics
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Describe the living and working conditions of the working-class people in 19th century Germany.

The richer family living is rich, have a big house and maid, and so on. Their working conditions also better than the working condition in factory. They have the machine to help them to work. So, this was the living and working conditions of rich working-class people in 19th century Germany.

The living conditions of the working people in 19th century German is very poor and they live in a house with many people for example they rent their room to others people. The place that they are live is very crowded surrounding and poor conditions such as there are a lot of people working at the place they live. The working conditions also poor. Many workers work in a factory and there was noisy and dirty. Workers don’t have any time to break and they must work until end. It is a poor living and working conditions.
14. Analyze and characterize:

i. Konrad

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