Germinal Movie Analysis

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The movie germinal is based on the master piece by the French Author Emile Zola, when author traveled to a poor rural district of France to observe the living and working conditions of striking coal miners. The movie provides dramatic and visual images for 19th century history events. In the mid of 19th century and late 19th century when Industrialization drew a different class structure where the owners were stealing the fruits of the worker’s labour. In the same age when working conditions in mines and other labour intensive industries were hazardous, the society was divided into two sections owners and workers .Rapt between servitude and starvation, workers look for the jobs at every place and migrates from Denmark to north France ready to work for any kind of job, irrespective of their…show more content…
They do exhausting work to earn their living, and expect their children to do the same; indeed, the mother bluntly states that one reason for having children is so that they can work, and bring more money to the family. The abstract of the movie tries to elucidate that the poor were ennobled by their suffering; life living standard is so pathetic that the whole family work hard at mines to fulfill their daily needs still not sufficient because they were under paid. No labor law was there to protect the interest of the workers, no safety equipment was provided. On same ground rich were getting richer only at one incident of depression happened in late 19th century when industries and labor class were getting affected but the owners managed their profit by deducting the wages. A huge dissatisfaction and anger was there in society as the thumb rule says 80% are poor people ruled by 20% rich, but here more than 80% people were labour class/ workers, getting under paid. In movie one scene a comely woman worked in mine, felt too much temperature removed her upper clothes and the men were too busy to notice because of being concerned with oppression and

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