Gerras Critical Thinking Model

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The two different components of Gerras ' Critical Thinking Model for the strategic “Darlan Deal” decision while he was in command of the Mediterranean Theater is point of view and implications. Eisenhower’s SHAEF staff selection process is a strategic decision while serving as the Supreme Allied Commander that displays the heuristics and biases components of Gerras ' Critical Thinking Model for evaluating information. The Darlan Deal came about in November 1942 when Henri Giraud and Mark Clark were sent to Algiers on behalf of Eisenhower to win over the French, but Giraud was not highly regarded by the French. They met with a captured French Admiral by the name of Jean-Francois Darlan and took advantage of his opportunist position. Eisenhower personally endorsed a negotiated a deal with Darlan that would call for a cease fire in North Africa. On November 16, 1942 the deal was made official and one of the terms was that Darlan would be named the high commissioner for North Africa. Based on what point of view you had on this deal would determine the level of support one would have of this strategic partnership. In Eisenhower’s case, he took the position of a commander who would use whatever resources he had available to prevent unnecessary deaths of Allied personnel and give a strategic advantage for future…show more content…
His point of view on the Darlan Deal had implications that remain a part of his legacy to this day. Eisenhower’s heuristics and biases are visible in the SHAEF staff selection process while serving as the Supreme Allied Commander. General Eisenhower, like most leaders, developed his critical thinking skills and judgement over time and experiences. He built upon his successes and learned from his failures in order to perform his duties as the Supreme Allied Commander during
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