Gertrude Hamlet Ignorant Quotes

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Queen Gertrude is the Queen of Denmark, Hamlet’s mother, the widow of Old Hamlet and the wife of Claudius, brother of her dead husband. Gertrude is ignorant and a woman who means no harm but because of her actions it contributes greatly to the terrible events that occur throughout the play. In this play there’s many conflicts, one of the first conflicts was when Gertrude married King Claudius two months after Old Hamlet’s death. Gertrude is ignorant because she’s not aware of anything happening. For example she’s not aware that King Hamlet’s murder was by his own brother Claudius, even though they were some hints out there to show that it was King Claudius who killed Old Hamlet. To prove that in Act 3 Scene 2 Hamlet presents a play called the mousetrap where this play contains how Old Hamlet was killed and how Gertrude married her brother in law. Another situation that she is unaware of, is when Claudius and Laertes make plans to put poison into Hamlet’s drink, which ends up killing her. Her being ignorant was what caused her death.…show more content…
In Scene 1 Act 2 she says “Let not thy mother lose her prayers, Hamlet; I pray thee stay with us; go not to Wittenberg" (1.2,18-19) she’s trying to protect Hamlet but not seeing that she’s actually hurting him. What made Hamlet mad was that she had married her uncle two months after his father’s death. Gertrude causes the main problem in Hamlet’s life and she does it by only thinking of herself. Hamlet is a young loyal man while the queen is nothing close to being loyal. Hamlet is loyal to his father and want revenges for his death by killing Claudius while Queen Gertrude is disloyal to Old Hamlet by marrying his
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