How Did Gertrude Stein's Influence Her Works

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Register to read the introduction…She best known for her writings, and art work in the 1920 's ("Gertrude Stein Biography"1) . In 1903 she move to Paris to further her career and while she was there she published two books; Three lives and Tender Buttons . While she was in Paris she came into contact with well known authors/ writers Ernest Hemingway, Sherwood Anderson, and Ezra Pound. She helped them further their career while they helped her start hers (1). She also had a craft for painting, and helped create careers for Pablo Picasso Juan Gris, and Henri Matisse. Gertrude Stein had an impact on many of the writers in her lifetime. To begin with, Gertrude was born on “February 3, 1874, in Allegheny, Pennsylvania”(“Gertrude Stein” 1). Her family was very wealthy, and a few months after she was born her parents moved her and her two older brothers to Europe. When they got home from Europe they settled in Oakland California, where stone grew up. When she was 18 she attended the Johns Hopkins Medical school to study psychology (2). After not succeeding in that school she left and went to London with her brother Leo and she began her career as an artist. “Paris was the place Stein quoted in Gertrude Stein 's America”(“Gertrude Stein 1874-1946”2). Many say that her best book that she published in 1909 was Three Lives (2). She produced more than 40…show more content…
After the war was over they opened a salon and cut peoples hair, a few months later they moved the location of the business. The book that she got the most credit for was The Autograph Biography of Alice B. Toklas, this book was written as if Toklas herself had wrote it. She was a huge help to F.Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, and Sherwood Anderson ("Gertrude Stein Biography" 2). After she completed all her speeches around the world she went back to france where she spent the rest of her
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