Gertrude's Insanity In Hamlet

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Hamlet's Insanity Throughout the play, Hamlet’s madness changes from being an illusion and forms into a harsh reality. Even though he claims the reason behind him acting deranged is to disconcert King Claudius, his behaviour and actions towards other characters in the play really emphasize his insanity. As the play progresses, everyone becomes aware of his mentally ill state, including King Claudius, who sends him to England to have him killed. This way Hamlet won’t be able to reveal his corrupt ways. Hamlet's behavior begins to change drastically as the play advances. The reader can really start to question Hamlet's madness as he speaks to himself in his most famous soliloquy, where he contemplates whether or not to commit suicide. “…show more content…
During the argument with his mother, the situation between them becomes very heated. Hamlet begins to raise his voice and even shoves his mother down and refuses to let her up. He goes “Sit you down; you shall not nudge.” (ACT 3. SC. 4) Queen Gertrude clearly concerned for her safety questioning the sanity of her son panics and begins to shout. “Wilt not murder me? Help, ho!” (ACT 3. SC. 4) Queen Gertrude's reaction shows that she is actually concerned that Hamlet could hurt her. She begins to yell and shout because she truly believes Hamlet is insane and has the potential of taking her life. Clearly by now it is not a phase anymore. Hamlet has actually went insane. As Polonius secretly listens in on their private conversation, he makes a bold move revealing himself by shouting for help as he thinks Hamlet is going to hurt the Queen. Hamlet’s psychotic personality takes over and without even the slightest bit of hesitation, thrusts his sword into the arras murdering Polonius. The Queen screams “O, what a rash and bloody deed is this!” (ACT 3. SC. 4) She is appalled and terrified at Hamlet's behavior, and the fact that Hamlet shows no remorse or guilt is what truly proves Hamlet is insane. His actions were completely irrational, and he acted on an impulse with no concern for an outcome. Acting this way proves how demented Hamlet actually is. No sane person would ever

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