Gertrude's Role In Hamlet

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The importance of Gertrude
"Frailty, Thy name is woman," refers to the stated characteristic weakness of women 's character by Shakespeare. Women are characterized as weak, whereas the men deal with their problems through revenge openly. In Hamlet, the female characters are not as important yet still important to the plot and flow of the play. They face the impossible challenge of being strong and independent whilst still arising a quiet and gentle female persona. One of the main female characters in the play who struggles with her identity is Gertrude, the Queen of Denmark and the mother of Hamlet. Through her determination to ensure her own survival, as well as the survival of her family and kingdom, Gertrude’s role drives the action of the play as she tends to stir the plot of her own ill-thought actions. In the play, Shakespeare has shown accurate roles of empowerment of women throughout the play as we witness this as Gertrude proves that she is a strong, independent and protective woman. Despite being wise and sensible with her choice of marriage, Gertrude’s actions and behaviour is portrayed as repulsive and lustful because of her willingness to remarry King Claudius on short notice. She is a lady who can be defined by the urge to fulfil her desire for a higher position, affection and status. Hamlet tells her that it is her lust and the need of sexual desire that has driven her from her deceased husband to the very cruder appeals of his brother. (3.4.81-8). The

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