Gestapo Secret State Police

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The Gestapo, also known as the Geheime Staatspolizei is German for their Secret State Police. This force was organised after 1933 when the Nazi Party took control over Germany and was under control by Heinrich Himmler, who controlled all the police units. The Gestapo were ordered to find the enemies of the Nazis, such as communists, homosexuals, gypsies and Jews, and then arrest them. They were also used to reinforce Nazi ideology and to punish those who did not support the Nazi’s and their reasoning and were allowed to do this without any evidence. The Gestapo forms of punishment were rather cruel and vial, which left most of the German society live in the fear. The Gestapo’s aim was to suppress criticism and help build Hitler’s vision of…show more content…
The Gestapo also used menacing methods of interrogation, such as drowning a prisoner in a bathtub filled with ice-cold water, beatings of the person with whips and burning their flesh with a soldering iron . If the person wasn’t arrested and tortured to death, they would be sent by the Gestapo to concentration camps which were spread around Germany. These briskly made prison camps had terrible conditions while prisoners were forced to undertake hard labour, according to which they should “work to death.” The inmates were rarely given nutritious food or appropriate medical care and clothing. It is estimated that at least ten million prisoners have died within these concentration camps. These malevolent actions performed by the Gestapo police all left the German society to live in utmost…show more content…
This force, which was ordered and led by Heinrich Himmler, used revolting and fearsome methods in order to punish those in Germany who did not fit into Hitler’s concept of a clean ‘Aryan’ race, such as Jews and homosexuals and those who did not tolerate or believe in the Nazi’s ideologies, all possible without a need for evidence. Millions of others, consisting of men, woman and children were sent to concentration camps with dreadful and unsuitable conditions and were forced into hard labour. These inhumane actions done by the Gestapo members were all in an attempt to defeat and target those who criticise the Nazi’s views and overall play an important role in maintaining Nazi control over German society by letting fear drain the German
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