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The author uses various examples about how being kind and teaching people is a gesture of grace. The author talks about how being kind to the hardest and meanest students is an act of grace. Also how even when she is teaching she is also learning about how to keep her cool during the moments when her students ask a million questions, or if they are having a struggle learning the product. The author literally means that being nice to others is a act of kindness. Also that sometimes teaching others can also help you learn more as a person on how to act to other. The author makes the point to express that it is okay to make mistakes and that those mistakes should define you because everyone makes mistakes and learns from them. Also that kindness…show more content…
People usually learn from mistakes and putting them down doesn’t help nor is it an act of kindness. I feel the author expresses that the gesture of grace is the way people should act to each other. The author uses lots of good support throughout the text. One quote is, “I believe a good teacher is one who loves learning; one who is constantly curious about the world she lives in and the world that lives within her.” This shows that people can teach as well learn from their teaching. Another quote that supports is, “I believe being able to connect with students is only possible after learning how to connect with oneself.” This shows that it is good to connect with people and find out who they really are before you judge them. The last supportive quote is, “I believe that a good teacher eventually learns to welcome the child who will push her explode button, trample on her last nerve and ultimately expose a deeply hidden flaw.” This shows that even people that annoy you, you should tolerate because after time it will be easy to ignore them and become friends with them instead of hating them for their flaws. Throughout the text there are many words that set the tone. Some are good teacher, evolves, and eventually learns. The author uses “good teacher” to makes the audience

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