The Gestures Of Grace Analysis

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“The Gestures of Grace” By Alison Melotti-Cormack
The meaning of the story written by the author is to tell people of an older age group that if you become a teacher, you should learn things about yourself and learn that even if you have some of the hardest times, that you should still try and be a good teacher.The point that the author is trying to make, literally, is that no teacher should become mean to their students and they should always try and be thoughtful of what the students are doing to make the teacher do something wrong. The author is telling the audience that if they want to become or are a teacher, that they should be able to calmly make decisions and not get stressed out about them.
The author is trying to say that if you are
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Another, is My classrooms could generally run themselves. Thirty years later I am more visible;This quote supports the interpretation that I have made of the story because this is how the author tells the audience that over time, the teacher will become more noticed and the students will start to adapt to the teacher and start to like them more. One last one is Each day I teach, I learn more about who I am so that I am not undone by the small things: the intercepted note, the student who misses the bus, the request for yet another pencil or piece of paper, the urgent need for one more trip to the bathroom. This quote supports the interpretation that I have made mof the story because the author tells the audience that after every day of teaching that eventually the teacher will get better at teaching and will become better at what they are
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