Get Me A Dog-Personal Narrative

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When it was my 7th birthday my mom and dad decided to get me a dog. I was so excited but the day we had to get her I became sick. Second, we had to drive 10 hours to get her. That stunk because we had to keep stopping to take the medicine the doctor gave my mom. Also, I threw up so we had to stop at a resting stop to change my close. We also had to wait and hour until I felt better. In addition to, when we finally got their and I saw her and I instantly fell in love with her. She was so small and she could fit in my palm when I was 7. Also, we started to drive home and my dog started to do something funny, when my dad rolled down the window, my dog started to try to eat the air. It was so funny we were lucky to get it on video,we laughed

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