Get Paid For Your Grades Essay

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Paid For Your Grades Money. Everyone needs it, it is the the currency that keeps everyone connected. You can’t get very far in life without it. As students grow up we accept money from our parents, whether it’s just getting it or doing chores to earn it. All in all a lot of students don’t have to necessarily “work” for it. I believe to make students work harder in school and to start money managing sooner, they should get paid for having good grades. Children in school work and strive for an education, at least I hope most of them do. Students that see school as pointless and they aren’t getting anything out of it, typically don’t try their hardest. Poor grades affect both them and the school. Money could be used as a motivator to get them to try harder, it could also improve attendance rates. The way I look at it, school is like a job. If you do a good job you get paid, if you do really good you could even get a bonus. It would make sense to do that for school, you do a really good job you could get a bonus, in this case would be getting paid at all.…show more content…
I don’t have time for a job, I am not even eligible because of age restrictions, and I can’t drive. So what do I do when I need money? Just ask my mom or dad for it, that teaches me nothing. Considering I spend most of my time focused on school it would make sense to get some sort of income for doing so. The money saved up could be used for college, that could help the less fortunate that didn’t even see college as an option for them. Smart children that don’t have much money could have a whole new world opened up to them. Work hard and you have what you need. This could also show methods on how to save money, learn how to have better management skills in high school rather than when you’re out on your own. Then we’ll know how to save up and understand what is important to spend money
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