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Get Rid of Ticks Studies have shown that ticks are more dangerous than previously thought. They carry Lyme disease and other illnesses that can be serious. The best protection from ticks in your backyard is to eliminate them with professional tick control methods. There are several different ways to control ticks, and you can customize a solution for your unique backyard. What are Tick Tubes? Ticks usually get their first meal from mice and rats. They are hatched in rat’s nests, feed and move on. Rats make their nests by gathering material from the locality, and they especially like soft material, such as tender grass and fluff. Tick tubes take advantage of this habit to remove ticks from the area. The biodegradable tubes are filled with…show more content…
It automatically gently releases a mist or mosquito and tick control solutions for 30 seconds about two to four times per day. It’s installed by professionals who also refill the product when needed. There are two types of product including the traditional mosquito and tick pesticide as well as an all-natural treatment that is made from essential oils. This product has an insignificant botanical fragrance that disperses after a few hours. The all-natural treatment needs to be applied more frequently, every 14 days, than the traditional product, which needs to be applied every 21 days. The product remains on the leaves and stems of the plants, so when the mosquito comes to feed on the plant juices, it will also take in the pesticide. If there is heavy rain, the area may need to be misted more often. It is recommended to make your yard mosquito-proof by following a few simple steps. First, check for standing puddles in toys, flowerpots and on the patio. These should be emptied. Woodpiles will also attract mosquitoes. They will be repelled if the woodpile is covered with a tarp so there are no dark, damp exposed areas. If there are piles of wet leaves or grass clippings, mosquitoes will gather there too. You can have a pest-free backyard and enjoy your outdoor

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