Geto Boys Mind Playing Drugs Analysis

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Essay on Geto boys Mind playing tricks on me
By Viktor

During the golden age of hip-hop, where most rappers focused on the social conditions, the Geto boys´s song “Mind playing tricks on me” instead focused on crime. However, not just crime more the psychological consequences of it. Scarface, who suffered from manic depression when he was a kid, and used drugs by the age of eight, wrote the song. There are two other rappers in the song and they are Willie D, who had an abusive mother while growing up and raps the second verse, and Bushwick Bill, a dwarf who also lost his eye because his wife shot him during a fight, raps the fourth verse.

The song consist of an intro and four verses, the rapper varies from verse to verse, but since Scarface wrote the lyrics, he is properly the most important rapper to focus on. But nonetheless each Geto boy has a verse for himself, while Scarface´s parts of the song consists of the intro, the first and the third verse. The song uses end-rimes in places, but is not consistent with it throughout the song (first verse, “Nigga, trigger” and “right, fight”). There´s also slang in the song, a few examples
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This describes the situation, they live by the sword, or in other words a violent life of crime, and they will die a violent death because of it.
The third verse deals with depression, said rather clearly by Scarface with “I often drift while I drive, having fatal thoughts of suicide”, the only thing holding him back is that he has a kid. An interesting detail brought up by Scarface is that he had a woman he loved, but he drove her away due to is gangster machoism, “But to me she was just another bitch, now she´s back with her mother, now I´m realizing that I love her, now I´m felling

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