Getting Away With Murder Essay

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As life goes on you continue to see a lot of stuff from the past and how life repeats itself. I was reading a book about Emmet Till called “Getting Away with Murder: The True Story of The Emmet Till Case.” I really feel like college students should read this book. This book teaches us stuff about or past that we just do not know. I truly feel like this book would have a great impact on my students in my class. We are at the day and age where you still see racism every day. I feel like some of the things going on in life that deals with racism happens, because the kids do not know any better. They are raise to hate the other races, but do not know what happen in the past. They only know the little bit of information they get from teacher in…show more content…
Although, people might not want to hear about some of the violence crimes that went on back in the day, but it can be an eye opener in the world we live in. Read “Getting Away with Murder: The True Story of The Emmet Till Case” In my calls will make people respect the life that we live in now. This book can tell you about a whole bunch of historical events. It can show people that we can do things now that was forbidding. As you can see, in the south is was close to unheard of to see a African American to talk to a white female. Now a day, you see in the south interracial couples, and I want them to know how life has change. Interracial couples are every now in the word they should realize that life is changing because if you wanted to do that back in the day it would be frown upon. These days, life is taking for granted some people do not understand how life has changed. In the news, you still hear about raisicm, but they are things people had to deal with all hours of the day. I want people to know about the roots give them a guide line how life really was. I personally feel like me having people read this book can help them get those
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