Getting Back Up In High School

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I 've always been told that life will knock you down, but it 's getting back up that shows your true character. My whole life has been a series of ups and downs. As a child I always struggled in school. I never got horrible grades, but I certainly wasn 't the best student. After trying for many years to get better grades with little to no success, I gave up on trying and just accepted whatever grade I ended up with. When I got into middle school and started taking classes like Algebra 1 and Spanish that would count for high school credit, it became very apparent to me that the grades that I get in these classes could very easily affect my high school GPA and my ability to get into a college of my choice. It was this realization that pushed me to further improve myself and my better being. During the seventh grade I got diagnosed with ADHD and started a medication regiment that significantly helped me focus and understand the lessons that my teachers were teaching. All of this was great and my grades did significantly improve, but the cons…show more content…
While the effect of this experience wasn 't very long term, I did learn a very important lesson from it. As cliche as it sounds, I learned that life isn 't always a straight incline, it is a series of ups and downs that happen at random without warning. Just when you think you are doing great and everything is fine, life could throw a big old rock right at your face, knocking you straight to the ground. While you may be there for a while and it may be a feat to get back up on your feet, you just have to remember that you will eventually get there and you will come out of it with new courage and knowledge that will shape you for the rest of your life. My brother told me this motivational quote once, and it went something like "No matter how deep of a hole you are in, there is always enough dirt for you to fill the hole up and climb out." Now I know that this quote is true, because I 've lived it and I watched people live it first
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