Getting Feedback In Interpersonal Communication

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From my interpersonal communication profile I have decided that I would like to improve in the category of giving and getting feedback. I wasn 't surprised that I scored lower in this category as I like to avoid the potential conflict of giving someone feedback they may not like. Even when you don 't mean to offend someone they can still take the feedback you have given them the wrong way. For the most part I am very open and receptive of getting feedback. Depending on the person though I can struggle to accept that feedback without issue. Most of the time I struggle with receiving negative feedback from the people I am the closest to. Specifically, my family has a tendency to be hypocritical and expects perfection so I struggle when getting feedback from them. I especially struggle when it is knit picky criticism from my family. In any other environment I am open to receiving feedback. I find feedback to be vital for…show more content…
The relationship I have chosen to specifically examine is with my boyfriend. We have been dating for three years now and for most of those three years we have been dating long distance. Although we might not see each other face to face everyday he is still the first and last person I talk to everyday. He is also the first person I call when I have a great day and when I have a horrible day. Our primary communication methods are talking on the phone, texting, facetiming, skyping, and snapchat. Being in a long distance relationship already has its downfalls so having solid communication is vital to keep the relationship alive. We have a strong base for our communication but we still have so much to improve on. In the relationship with my boyfriend specifically I feel like we both struggle at times with giving and getting feedback in fear of starting an argument. I think with giving feedback we are also afraid of potentially hurting each other 's feelings. Sometimes when you love and care about someone so much the words they say impact you so much

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