Essay On Getting Paid For Good Grades

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Have you ever thought of students getting paid for good grades? At first, it might sound great. I mean having the school pay students is like a dream. They could be rich! But what about when the students start getting pressured, money issues start to occur, or what about when kids start getting bullied? Pressure is a thing that nobody wants, money issues are like a horror movie for adults, and bullying is something nobody should have to deal with. Getting paid might sound good at first, but there are many problems that go along with it.
First of all, kids are pressured enough as it is. Do you want them to have to handle even more pressure? If kids could get money for good grades there’s a huge chance that they would cheat more often. Even if they did get the money, parents could also steal it from them. As far as kids know, parents would use the money for paying off their cars, houses, etc. But what’s the point for kids to work so hard just so their parents can get a little extra
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So, what if it occurred when schools started paying students? If a kid is getting bullied there’s a good chance that they might not do their best on tests or quizzes. If this happens and they are getting bullied they will have little to no motivation. For all we know, this whole thing could lead someone to suicidal. If you think about it if someone’s not getting paid but their friend is, they might feel bad about themselves and get depression. This little thing could lead to a horror movie. Now, adults might think that their school will be more encouraging. But, adults will never know what is fully going on in their lives. And for all the parents, I’m 99.9% positive that you would never want your kid to commit suicide. They might also skip school if they think that they won’t be able to get a good grade. If they don’t get good attendance they might not be able to graduate. Before you know it, 30-year-old “kids” will be living in their parent 's
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