Getting Rid Of Racism

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I both agree and disagree with Nenia Campbell’s statement. “We always vilify with what we don’t understand” (Nenia Campbell). The part in the statement that I do not agree with is the word ‘always’. I do agree that we often vilify what we do not understand, but not always. Take for example a soldier. The majority of people do not vilify a soldier protecting his country. They often praise his for what he is doing, however people do not understand what he is doing. Can heroes and villains fall in love? Yes, heroes and villains can fall in love. As humans we are draw to things that we cannot explain. Things like religion and science are great examples of this. A villain is someone we do not understand. Therefor a hero would be naturally draw to…show more content…
We do vilify what we don’t understand. Take for example racism. In the article Getting Rid of Racism: Assessing Three Proposals in Light of Psychological Evidence by Daniel Kelly he goes on to say “Although he acknowledges a number of possible emotional causes of classical racism, she favors an explanation couched in terms of cognitive causes specifically, that classic racism is typically caused by ignorance.” A racist often sees those he hates as villains. This can be seen throughout the common misconception of the culture of Muslims being terrorist. Some people do not understand Muslim culture or beliefs. All they see is the extreme part of the culture. Some people are ignorant to all the other aspects of Muslim culture, thus they make Muslims out to be…show more content…
A hero and a villain falling in love would mostly be a life changing experience. Simply because it would remove the concept of heroes and villains. Like previously stated, ignorance fuels our curiosity, but in fulfilling our curiosity we also lose fuel. Once a hero fully understands a villain it could possibly change their perception of the villain to the point where they are no longer a villain. Think about it this way. If people fully understood the peaceful nature of Muslims, they would no longer see Muslims as the villains. They would intern see terrorist as the villains and not condemn a group of people removing a villain once previously
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