Getting Tattoos Research Paper

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Sophomore Ryan Kenney walked into the biker-styled shop to inhale its distinct smell of ink. The walls were candy red with a black chrome trim and painted with various skulls and art pieces accompanied by many tattoo-related posters. Ryan met with his artist, Taylor Heller ,to which he noticed was a young artist. Taylors arm was covered in tattoos of his own, and he had a big scruffy beard.
“Most would probably look at him as someone who might be a criminal or something but he was a very nice and respectful person,” said Kenney. In some cases, people will get tattoos for someone or something that has a lot of meaning to them. In Ryan Kenny’s case he got his tattoo for his father who passed away when he was ten.
“Being who my father was he didn’t leave many things behind so I wanted to get a tattoo for
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Although a lot of people do have them, they may not be meant for everyone.
“I think if someone wants a tattoo they should it’s definitely worth it but not everyone wants or should get a tattoo,” said Ryan.
For others tattoos may just be a form of art, a beauty mark to leave on their body. Some people just get them because they like them, not because they mean something.
“I like the way they look. I think that they are beautiful and have the ability to tell stories,” instructor Kristina Sonntag said. Tattoos are often known as a form of art that you can put on your body.
“Tattooing is just a different media on a different canvas. Now a days, tattooing has become a little less lenient considering that almost 50 percent of the generation has at least one tattoo, Just like you shouldn 't judge a person by the color of their skin/race, you shouldn 't judge someone with tattoos. Society has defined people with tattoos and piercings as rough, rugged, and some even call it ‘scary’, but I am just like every other human being,” said
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