Gettysburg Address Essay

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An Analysis of Gettysburg Address One war that had a huge impact on America was the Civil War. In this war it was the Confederates (South) and Union (North) this was a battle where brothers would fight brothers. It destroyed many men in the States, they had to fight against their own people. During this big war there was one major battle that was a turning point for the war. This battle was called Gettysburg, in this battle 50,000 lives were lost in three days. A couple months later the president at that time gave a funeral speech, this was called the Gettysburg Address. The president at this time was Abraham LIncoln, Victor stated, “delivers one of the most memorable speeches in American history.” This was a major speech that awoke many things…show more content…
Death will come at some point in everyone 's lives, whether it be in battle or just from age. What do you say in a speech where many men were lost? Words can not explain what 50000 lives were, thats many people and it is too difficult to expand on that. Lincoln states,”a final resting place for those who here gave their lives that that nation might live.”(page 539) It is too hard to have a barrial for all of the men that lost their lives. Due to this they just made the ground a resting place, this was about the only thing that he could do with these lives. Kaneda stated, “Given the current global population of about 7.5 billion” There are many many people on this earth, when only one of them dies we don 't think that it is as big of an effect. But when it is 50000 people it makes a pretty big impact. The three main messages from Gettysburg Address are, unity, acceptance, and death. For one places to actually work together get something done they must be unified and work as one unit. This is also portrayed in sports and day to day life. There is also acceptance to what truly happened. Finally there was the message that Lincoln had to talk about, which is death. He tells about what lives were lost and what we are now as America. Ugliotta stated, “618,222 men died in the Civil War,” There were huge number loss in the Civil
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