Gettysburg Address And Pericles's Funeral Oration Essay

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Lincoln’s “Address Delivered at the dedication of the Cemetery at Gettysburg” was written in American in the midst of a savage civil war. Union troops had only four months earlier defeated Confederate troops, which was recognized as the turning point of war. “Pericles’s Funeral Oration” by Thucydides is a speech glorifying The achievements that were designed to stir spirits who are troubled by the war they died during. While evaluating Lincoln’s “Address Delivered at the dedication of the Cemetery at Gettysburg” and “Pericles’s Funeral Oration” by Thucydides, I was able to notice clearly the parallels between the speeches. Though there is a significant length desperation, the content of the two orations is similar. These are two of the best…show more content…
The first paragraph of his speech sets the tone entirely, in which Lincoln doesn’t directly mention the bloodbath of Gettysburg, where 50,000 soldiers died. He refers in the opening phrase, “Four score and seven years ago,” to the founding of America though another important written document, the Declaration of Independence that was wrote in 1776. Lincoln wanted the country to focus on preserving this country and this speech remind citizens that this nation was in fact “conceived in liberty, and dedicated to all men are created equal. I believe Lincoln wanted all Americans, Confederate and Union, to focus on preserving the nation. He didn’t want to upset everyone by dwelling on the blood spilled in the Battle of Gettysburg. In “Pericles’s Funeral Oration” by Thucydides I think the Athens had a strong advantage over Sparta. Though both had their own individual strengths and came together, I believe the Athens methods were stronger and more successful. The Athenians worked together and seemed spiritually motivated to overcome obstacles. As children, they are taught bravery, strength, courage but, also living simple and taking things as they come. The Athenians seemed prepared for anything to come their
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