Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address

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A Discussion of Three Messages from Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address War is a disastrous part of the human race. The competition for land and resources has driven humanity to unrighteously slaughter its fellow species. This type of barbaric warfare has been shown many times throughout the course of time, including the U.S. The United States Civil war remains to this day one of the most bloody and deadly wars known to man. The four bloody years spread havoc across the U.S. over the fight for slavery. This war left a mark on the American society for as long as it stands. One of its most bloody battles, The Battle of Gettysburg, caused the death or injury of 51,000 soldiers. This battle remains in U.S. history as one of the most catastrophic battles of all time. Loiselle Brett expresses this battle as being, “ A major battle was about to begin, without the knowledge of either army's commander.” Little did both…show more content…
It states in the simplest way that war is not something to be tampered with, but simply a terrible tragedy that must occur for the preservation of power. War is a sinister subject in this world today, and the history of it saddens humanity more and more. War is something however that cannot be avoided. Humans are naturally drawn to conflict, and war is the quickest way there. War has always been apart of humanity and probably always will be. However, war shows humanity how to truly appreciate all the things that live has to offer. For example, Shaun R, McCann states, “It is an extraordinary paradox that war, the cause of so much havoc and misery, could be associated with important life-saving innovations in fields such as haematology.” Therefore, McCann shows that war can have at least some benefit. However, it is important that soon in the future, war becomes less relevant, and the world works together to become more
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