Gettysburg Blame

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There have been a lot of wars in the beginning of time that made U.S history. One major war that went down was the three day battle at Gettysburg in 1863. The battle was between the South and the North in United States. July 1-3 was when the Battle at Gettysburg was going on between the North and the South. We all know who won the war, the North, but whose fault was it that the South lost. There were many people to blame for the lost of the battle, but there was only one person to blame for the lost. Although, many subordinates were given orders and they didn’t follow them the blame still falls on one person. From the beginning to the end of the Battle of Gettysburg, there was only one person to blame for the lost for the South, that guy is…show more content…
An example from the article by Stan Fanit states, “Lee noticed a hill called Little Round Top that was virtually unoccupied, so he quickly ordered General Ewell to take that hill, if practicable [...] However, Ewell believed that he needed more support from General Longstreet who did not arrive until nightfall. By this time, the Union soldiers had received support and were entrenched on the high ground” (Fan). Another example that supports Lee wasn’t giving his commands cleary and was not very confident is the book Killer Angels. The book Killer Angels states, “To the messenger he said,”I have no force to attack that hill. General Hill’s Corps has had hard fighting. Tell General Ewell to take that hill if at all possible” (Shaara). Finally an example from the movie Gettysburg is when General Lee tells the message to tell General Ewell to take that hill if it was at all possible. This all reveals that if Lee thought taking that hill he would’ve been practical he would’ve said to take that hill. Also if he was not confident about making that order Ewell then he should’ve made it sound more confident and didn’t add the “if possible” then Ewell would’ve took that hill and the Confederates could’ve possibly
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