Gettysburg Ghost Facts

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The controversy of ghosts or the undead actually existing has been a debate for centuries and will always be a dispute based on opinions, experiences, and beliefs. There have been many experiences and history behind the supernatural that cannot be put away. We often close our minds to things we do not want to accept. However, there is simply too much evidence to deny there is spiritual activity in the world, particularly in places where humans have suffered and died needlessly. There has always been wars and battles throughout time, but a certain battle has stuck with American history. The Battle of Gettysburg was the most important and gruesome battle fought during the American Civil War. July 1st was the start of a bloody fight between…show more content…
The town of Gettysburg in Pennsylvania has had numerous reports of paranormal activity. There has been much information given about the paranormal here, from ghostly figures, cries and agony of hurt soldiers (Yakutchik). There are many legends and folklore about certain sites in Gettysburg, for instance, during the Battle of Gettysburg the Daniel Lady Farm was used during the war as a field hospital for wounded Confederate soldiers. The Daniel Lady Farm witnessed gruesome and horrific events from wounded soldiers to dead soldiers. The public believe that the Daniel Lady Farm is haunted by not only soldiers but also the ghost of General Isaac Ewell. Furthermore, another location with ghostly background is Cashtown inn. This place is where the first soldier was killed during the start of the war. There has been accounts of lights going on and off, and doors being locked and unlocked. The Cashtown inn owners have witnessed these strange phenomenons, the owners have odd shots dating back to 1987 of strange figures in their own photos (Yakutchik). Gettysburg isn’t just the turning point in a war, the town of Gettysburg is a town of lost souls who fought for their
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