Gettysburg Informative Speech

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The people of YouTube have no limits when it comes to making fun of something. This time, however, they are going after God himself. TWO MEN GO GHOST HUNTING YOUTUBE ADVENTURE; GOD NOT FOUND The in the southern United States, many people flock to the Bible Belt to find God. Just north of the Mason-Dixon though, you 'll find the historic town of Gettysburg. Gettysburg saw many a bloody battle during the civil war. Two YouTube users decided to make an adventure out of it and go ghost hunting. The area is famous for its spooky events but rarely, are they ever caught on film. GHOST FOUND ON YOUTUBE. PROOF OF GOD? In this brisk, 2 minute video, a couple of ' 'good ole boys" take to the night streets of Gettysburg for some ghost hunting. What
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