Creative Writing: The Accident At Gettysburg

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Sedessa VanCise
Mrs. Fitzsimmons
26 October 2017
The Accident at Gettysburg
Gettysburg was so beautiful and it was amazing but I didn’t like the fact that we had to leave, Gettysburg was on my mind on the car ride home, but that changed when we got in a car accident. After the car accident on my way back from Gettysburg, PA I learned that no matter what happens, family will always take care of me throughout anything.
Before anything happened that day, it was a beautiful sunny day out. My family thought it would be a good idea to take a road trip up to Gettysburg so, we did. At first, I didn’t like Gettysburg because I thought it was boring and not important, but I was just 5 so I didn’t know much. After walking around a while
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Luckily enough none of us were hurt and that surprised me. Seeing the car all smashed up and burnt really scared me, but it was nothing compared to the other car. I felt bad and I walked up to the little girl that was in the crash and we talked for a while, her name was Brianna and she was really nice. She was also scared about the whole thing, but me talking to her made her feel so much better and also it helped me calm down. I had to go back to my mom and dad because the police wanted to talk to us which scared me again, my heart started pounding really fast because I wasn’t good at talking to people I didn’t know. They asked my parents questions and then they asked me which I was scared for, and my siblings some questions too about how the accident happened but I didn’t know at the time because I wasn’t the one driving. After all the questioning we got a ride to the hospital to do tests on my brain because I hit my head really hard during the accident, when they put me on the table to get a cat scan on my brain, I panicked because the noise scared me. Soon enough they were done and I found out I had a concussion which annoyed me because I couldn’t run around like I used to do all the time. My older sister hurt her wrist during the accident so she had to have that checked out too, so she got checked out…show more content…
Staying at the hospital made me feel safe. I'm happy my family was with me because no matter what happens they will always take care of me throughout everything in life. Before the accident my family made me smile, and made me feel lucky to have them because they kept me safe through that night until the accident. Even after the accident they helped me out of the car after it crashed, but out of everyone my mom was the one who was mostly there for me, she told me that everything would be okay which made me feel a lot
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