Ghandhara Industries Limited Case Study

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Ghandhara Industries Limited (GIL) is working in automobile industries of Pakistan. The automobile industry consists of the companies which are involved in production and assembling of vehicle for personal use and transportation purpose, such as, (passenger cars, trucks, busses, light commercial vehicles, tractor and motorcycles etc.). Pakistan automobile industry comprises various companies that are performing its operations and selling its product in local market. Government of Pakistan is trying to boost this sector by offering a variety of schemes to attract new manufacturers internationally as well as support existing manufacturers to increase their operational capacity and also increase their brand portfolio by offering different products with their brand names. Ghandhara
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GIL is exploring the new horizons to boost its sales and also making strategic alliances with Governmental & Nongovernmental organizations to promote their products and ultimately increasing the market share. GIL had signed MOU with National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) beneath the Prime Minister Youth Business Loan Scheme to focus on enhancement of small businesses for the both educated and unemployed youth. Gil will offer its commercial vehicles to the applicant with the help of financial assistance by NBP.
Furthermore, the company has been conducting Road Show in 2015 all over Pakistan and giving a price benefit in bookings at the road shows this was strategically grabbing the market with educated its client that what GIL are doing for you like making products that is more economical in term of fuel efficiency . GHL also contract with K-Electric to supply medium trucks to bring efficiency in its doing business that will use in operations of k-electric this will boost up the company sales further.

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