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The Ghettos In the fall of 1941, many Jews in Germany occupied countries of Austria and Czechoslovakia were deported to Poland.(book) They were forced to live in the ghettos , which were set up in a major towns there.(book) These were enclosed by walls and guarded at night.The jews were only permitted to take a few personal items with them to the ghetto, in the process being stripped of the homes and property that they had left behind.(Daily Life in Ghettos) Jewish councils, made up of elders, who were community leaders, were responsible for organizing the day-to day affairs of the ghettos.(book) The people working for the Jewish council forced a very difficult task.(book) Their job was to collect taxes, to organize work parties, and later…show more content…
(Daily life in Ghettos )Plumbing broke down, and human waste was thrown in the streets along with the garbage. Contagious diseases spread rapidly in such cramped, unsanitary housing.People were always hungry. Germans deliberately tried to starve residents by allowing them to purchase only small amount of bread potatoes, and fat.(Life in The Ghettos) The food rations were insufficient for supporting the ghettos inhabitants and the Germans employed brutal measures against smuggles,including both public and private executions. (Daily Life in the Ghettos) Starvation increased and worsened in the ghettos and many of the inhabitants become ill or perish.(Daily Life in the Ghettos) Some residents had money or valuables they could trade for food smuggled into ghettos:others were forced to beg or steal to survive. (Life in the Ghettos)They had to work in arms factories and on building projects, constructing roads and fortifications.(Book) As adults died , children were left to beg in the streets.(book) During, the long winters heating fuels was scarce, and many people lacked adequate clothing.(Life in the Ghettos)People weakened by hunger and exposure to the cold became easy victims of disease:ten thousands died in the ghettos from illness starvation, or cold.(Life in the Ghettos) Some individuals killed themselves to escape their hopeless lives.(Life in The Ghettos) Diseases such as
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