Ghetto Life 101 Book Report

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Our America started when a radio station (NPR) wanted people from the ghetto to go around and record their daily life, this was known as Ghetto Life 101. The radio station had choose two boy (LeAlan and LLoyd) to take on the job. They lived in Chicago, one in the Ida B. Wells and the other in a house just a block away. Life was tough for these two young men. Lloyd (lived in the Ida B. Wells) was raised by his sister because his mother passed away and his father was an alcoholic. LeAlan was raised by is grandmother because his mother had a mental disorder and he did not know his father. These two young men let everyone around know what it was like to live where they did. The recording was later turned into a book, which then became a movie.…show more content…
In the book and movie, they both talked about how the five year old was thrown out of a fourteenth story window by boys who were no older than 13. It is also the same because after it happened LeAlan and Lloyd both went up to the apartment where it had happened, but the movie and book take different perspectives what the inside looked like. In the book it talks about how the apartment was dirty, rundown and it also gave a picture of what the refridgerator looked liked, that's highly different from the movie. In the movie they did not talk about what it looked like they just inspected it. Most would say that the inside of that apartment was not as bad as the book described it. The apartment that Eric was thrown from did not seem as bad as the book set it out to be.
Next, the movie and book are unalike because David Issay was a big part of one and not the other. In the book David Issay was not mentioned until they gave biographies after the book was over, but was one of the main characters in the movie. In the movie he was nearly always with the LeAlan and Lloyd. He took them out to eat, coached them and even interacted with them in their community. No sign came of him in the book. It clear that David Issay played a huge role to show what he actually did for Lloyd and LeAlan. David had way more mention in the movie than in the
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