Personal Narrative: A Unique Ghetto

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We partied to the sounds of house music, a real unique ghetto style of dance music, blasting music by artists like Dj Montey, PinkHouse, and Dj Slugo. Our wild parties made people in the building mad, but we didn’t care. We were wild and young and we weren’t trying to hear them. Our parents were gone and we were under our own authority for the first time. We told the building manager that our parents had moved and they tried to set up meetings with them, but by that time they were already in Minnesota. One night, me and Dot got into an argument about making all the women pay to get into the party, and Dot was not playing. I was on some young, dumb, drunk s—t from drinking Mad Dog 20/20 and Crown Royal. All I remember is we started fighting and she kept hitting me with a sock and it…show more content…
I was out on my ass with nowhere else to go. Homeless My A-Ward brother Leo started letting me spend the night in the apartment he shared with his cousins Tina and Donald; a three-bedroom apartment on the second floor of a duplex. He had to fight hard with Tina to let me stay with them. Leo is a real ghetto soldier that just couldn’t tell a brother like me “no”. He treated me like a brother and understood the situation I’d gotten myself into and how desperately I needed his help. Eventually, Donald and Tina welcomed me into their crib and we became good friends. To make money I started back serving on 69th and Ada. Swole started getting money with Big J, one of the real O.G.s that just out of the federal penitentiary. He had 69th and Loomis sold up, along with Prince, Hoe Nut, and Quick. They were making over $5000 an hour slinging on the block, and Swole kept his pockets fat. I was getting frustrated with how my life was going and I prayed to the Holy Spirit for guidance. I was done with gang banging and hustling, I just didn’t know how to get out of the game. I wanted to be free of all the bulls—t that was happening to
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