Ghost Dance Analysis

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The ghost dance video is a short forty eight second video, which features Native American men performing the Ghost dance. The video quality is poor, but it shows the authenticity of the video since it’s from a time where the quality was very poor. The video was black and white, and at some points it’s hard to see the individuals while they’re dancing. The men are dressed in feathered headdresses. They were wearing moccasins on their feet. The dancers were wearing some sort of animal skin as clothing on their lower body. They also had some bells attached to their calf’s to provide extra sound to the dance. They danced very passionately, and with great enthusiasm. The dance is enjoyable to watch.
The ghost dance movement was a movement to bring back the past, when the Native Americans were free. Back to the time, where they could do whatever they wanted. To the time when they could have their children with them all day. A time where the government wasn’t taking away their culture piece by piece. A time where
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I think the ghost dance makes perfect sense. Many people believe that dancing is spiritual. This dance, at least in my eyes, is a spiritual dance. It makes them feel better and gives them hope. They were getting their culture, children, and rights taken away from them. Therefore, it’s understandable to assume they were deeply saddened and distraught. If dancing brings them hope for the future, they should part take in the dancing. However, some individuals danced until they lay unconscious on the ground. This shows how some Native Americans were completely affected by this change. That they thought dancing until you can’t dance anymore would bring back the old times, and if it didn’t they’d die trying. The government, later, banned the dance. They were scared of the dance, but the Native Americans were just very unhappy. This is very sad turn of events for the Indians. They’re last ray of hope is token
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