Ghost Dance Chapter Summaries

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The summary for the book begins with our main character Zits waking up in a new foster home. His mother died of breast cancer when he was six and his father abandoned him minutes after he was born. Zits doesn’t like his new foster parents and when he attacks his foster mom and runs, he runs into Officer Dave, a police officer in Seattle who has arrested Zits on multiple occasions. Officer Dave sends Zits to juvenile hall. While in the holding cell, he encounters a kid around the same age as him named Justice who he gets along with and befriends him. Once out of juvenile hall, they meet in their new headquarters, an abandon warehouse in the industrial district in Seattle. Justice teaches Zits how to use firearms and Zits tell Justice about the “Ghost-Dance”, how the dead Indians would resurrect and the white people will disappear. This leads to Justice convincing Zits to join him and massacre a bank. Zits gets shot…show more content…
They are out to counter the fictional Native American civil rights group IRON. His second transformation involves the Battle of Little Bighorn where he is the son of an Indian Chief. He’s glad he has a father in his life who loves and cherished him although he’s flabbergasted at the scene of battle and the scent which he dislikes very much.For his third transformation, Zits inhabits the body of Gus, an elderly Indian tracker with the U.S. Cavalry. Gus leads an attack on an Indian camp, but Zits forces his life to save a young boy whom he names Bow Boy due to his amazing archery skills.Zits’ forth transformation finds him as Jimmy, an unfaithful pilot who taught his friend Abbad how to fly a plane and Abbad and his family took over and crashed a plane into a building in Chicago. When Linda sees Jimmy with Helda, Linda kicks him out of the house, Jimmy commits suicide by crashing his plane into
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