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The second half of the XX century and the beginning of the XXI century brought us many groundbreaking inventions without which we cannot imagine to live nowadays. Television, mobile phones, computers with widely available access to the internet and electronic implants used as a replacement for faulty human organs are only some of those great technological changes that were introduced to us quite recently as big and positive improvements of our lives. Still, some of the authors living during the times of this rapid appearance of those enormous wonders of humanity began to see all the changes to the world and society that those “wonders” caused, a little less optimistically and enthusiastically than the most people in the world. This is how the…show more content…
In the year 2029, the world became interconnected by worldwide network and the global order has completely changed with Japan becoming a major world power, mostly due to its technological advancement, which, inter alia, allowed people to produce cybernetic replacement parts and get rid of nuclear fallout. In a country that seems to patronize lawfulness and high standard of living, political corruption and espionage, driven by either personal or bureaucratic interests, is no stranger to its citizens. Another major problem seems to be caused by the post war inflow of immigrants as it resulted in the appearance of ghettos, whose inhabitants are vulnerable to various forms of exploitation such as human trafficking. The control over all of these issues is maintained by authorities mainly by dint of the earlier mentioned worldwide network, but on the other hand, the same network is also a gateway for various criminals to achieve their own goals. The world of GitS can not be simply examined as monochromatic – nothing is clearly good or bad and everything has it's up and downsides. Same goes for the majority of new inventions throughout the human history as most of them were not intended to do any harm until someone found a way to abuse them for their own, either good or bad,

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