Ghostly Inmates In A Jail

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Chapter 1: Ghostly Inmates Trapped in a Jail Built in 1885, this Victorian three storey brick building is one of the only three revolving jails left in USA. Also called ‘squirrel cages’, there are 30 in total and resemble pieces of pie in a circular jail. The jail was built on a land that had once been a morgue of an Episcopalian church. Between 1184 and 1969, for a period of 85 years, this jail has been occupied by the superintendents and their families as well as prisoners. Back then, hardened criminals and murderers who awaited execution in the county were locked up here. It is said that the last few men to be hung in Iowa were confined here to spend their final hours before being transferred to proper prisons. Even those awaiting trials…show more content…
One inmate died of a heart attack here. It makes one wonder what could have caused that. Another inmate committed suicide by hanging. It is not known for sure whether this inmate was a man or a woman. Another death, bizarrely, was caused by a stunt that went horribly wrong. This prisoner died after falling down from the third level of the jail cage when he was attempting to carve his name on the ceiling. The final death was that of a police officer, not a prisoner. In 1932, during a farmer’s strike, about 84 people were arrested. The police officers carried machine guns to keep everything in control. Though no officers were killed by any angry mobs, one died in a freak accident when he accidentally shot himself with a…show more content…
The paranormal activities outside cells, in the hallways and especially in the fourth floor residential apartments are attributed to these entities. The hauntings of the two former superintendents have been happening since decades. In the 1950s, a man called Bill foster became the jail’s superintendents. As it was the tradition in those days, the superintendent was allotted an apartment in the fourth floor. However, Bill experienced so much paranormal activity there that he was convinced that the entities were very much alive with action much after their deaths. So shaken up was Bill that he chose to sleep in the second floor instead. Of the two superintendent entities, one is thought to be J.M. Carter and another, Otto Gudath. Carter is a restless and intense spirit that never quite gave up its position even after death. It is known to check up on prisoners in the building. Otto’s full body apparition has been witnessed in the fourth

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