Ghost Messages By Maqueline Guest Analysis

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Reading Response How do the last chapters make you feel? Recently, I started reading a book called Ghost Messages by Jacqueline Guest, and I have just finished it. In my opinion, the genre of this book would be mystery, fantasy, and historical fiction. As I was finishing the book, there were many parts that made me smile. There were also parts that I did not like, which is why I am going to expressing my feelings on how I felt about the ending of this book. I realized that the ending was coming when the antagonist’s plans started getting foiled and his bad deeds were coming into the spotlight. But the main problem in the ending chapters of this book was that the telegraph cable fell into the sea. Thanks to Ailish’s fishing plan, they were able to get it out, but the cable kept falling back into the sea countless times after that. At some point, they were out of rope, so they had to leave the cable under seas and go home. But a year later, they returned to once again to finish laying the cable undersea. The…show more content…
Ailish also found out that when the ship was being built, there was a riveter and bash boy that fell while working on the ship. The noise of two hundred riveters hammering washed away their cries and they were walled up alive. The name of the riveter was Charlie and the name of the bash boy was David Jones. I was extremely sad after finding out that Davy wouldn’t be able to stay with Ailish forever. I also feel bad for Ailish because she fell in love with Davy, so parting with him was probably difficult. I know that if I was ever in that situation, I would never be able to forget the person that saved me countless times while helping me recover what was rightfully mine. I remember that once Ailish wanted to touch Davy because he seemed like an angel, but he got mad at her because he knew that she couldn’t touch him, so broke his anger out on
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