Ghost Of Christmas Future Essay

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Mr. Quigley
Language Arts January 2023
Literary analysis on the Ghost of Christmas Future
Imagine you could go to the future and see how people treat you after your death. Then you see that no one cares about you. This is what Ebeneezer Scrooge saw in A Christmas Carol. In A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens, the protagonist faces just the problem. Ebenezer Scrooge is known for being a cold, selfish man who keeps Christmas outside his heart. One night four Christmas spirits visited him, showing him his past, present, and future. Each ghost warns him about his fate if he does not change his ways. The Ghost of Christmas Future shows Scrooge how he dies, which horrifies him. The Ghost of Christmas Future is the ghost that had the biggest impact on Ebenezer Scrooge because it showed Scrooge he was responsible for Tiny Tim's death, how miserable he was in the future,and even his own death. In the story, A Christmas Carol, the Ghost of Christmas future has the biggest impact on Scrooge because it shows Tiny Tim's death.In A Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens writes, “My Child,”he said. My Poor little Child!”(Dickens Chapter 9 Page 2 ). Based on this quote, the reader can …show more content…

In a Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, the second event that impacts Scrooge is, “The children hugged their parents. They don't know why their mother and father look happy now. It seemed such a long time since they had.”(Dickens Chapter 9 Page 1). Based on this quote, the reader can infer that Scrooge was influenced based on the peoples reactions to Scrooge's death. The parents felt happy because they no longer owed Scrooge money which they could not pay. Not only did the Ghost of Christmas Future influence Scrooge by showing him peoples reactions to his death, he also impacts Scrooge by showing him his own

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